Election Integrity

Election Integrity

An update from Heritage Action For America


Fixing Election Systems

There is clear proof voter fraud does happen. The Heritage Foundation has put together a voter fraud database of proven cases that Sentinels can use with skeptical family and friends:

Hans von Spakovsky joined us to discuss Heritage’s recommended best practices states can use to secure the integrity of their elections. SHARE this paper with your networks. Many Sentinels are meeting now with state lawmakers to discuss how they can improve the laws in their state. If you need a printed copy for a meeting with a state lawmaker, you can print it here.

Election integrity is a crucial project, but it is only the beginning of Heritage Action’s efforts to fight the Left over the next year. While many conservatives tend to organize in the last months of an election year, the Left never disbands and is constantly organizing year-round. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements in the weeks ahead on some upcoming plans from Heritage Action to out-organize the Left and put an end to fraud in our elections.

Janae Stracke
Grassroots Director
Heritage Action


Submitted February 2, 2020 by Carol Terryberry, Pasquotank Republican Party Vice-Chairman & Heritage Action For America Sentinel